When I began playing tennis, what really struck me was how FUN this game was. Now, as a coach, I find this to be the most important element of any lesson. It is my goal to create a fun, engaging, and relaxed atmosphere with each of my students. By focusing on the process of improving as a tennis player, the student wiII gain confidence in his/her abilities on the tennis court. I believe that improvement in the student’s tennis game leads to a greater level of confidence in LIFE!
Not only are Ramon Osa’s tennis lessons enjoyable, as well as informative, but now they’re affordable. Ramon is offering three lesson packages designed to help you save money, while getting your game in gear!
My junior tennis classes offer a unique set of games and drills that will be fun and effective for the kids. Developing motor skills is easy when the young students are engaged in a fun activity. The class focuses on tennis technique using fun, easy, and rewarding games with clear, attainable goals in mind.
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